As one of the leading providers of ROV services worldwide, our experience dates back to the world’s first mobilisation of an ROV onboard a drilling rig offshore Norway in 1980. Today, our asset base includes access to a fleet of over 175 ROVs. This modern, flexible fleet predominantly comprises exclusive systems that we have designed in-house and that has evolved through the highly successful Centurion series via the HD, QX, QX Ultra and our flagship Centurion SP system.

System integration testing

It is an absolutely critical requirement of remote subsea intervention that ROVs have sufficient access to worksites and that tools are compatible with controls on subsea structures. Discovering accessibility or interface problems on the seabed is a concern for operators. System integration tests (SITs) are an integral part of our service – highlighting any problems prior to mobilisation and allowing any adjustments required to be made in a controlled onshore environment.

Heavy weather launch

As drill rigs move into harsher environments, operating costs are higher, schedules are tighter and we understand the need to maximise ROV availability. Most conventional launch systems have a safe operating envelope suitable for drilling in benign weather conditions, but when it comes to working in rougher seas, heavy weather launch systems can provide extra support, reliability and piece of mind. We have developed two types of cursor-based heavy weather launch system that enable the launch and recovery of an ROV system quickly, reliably and safely in extreme weather conditions.