Observation Class ROVs

i-Tech’s ROV fleet contains a number of electrically-powered observation-class systems from world-renowned manufacturer Seaeye. Much smaller than a work-class system, the observation-class ROV is used for visual inspection and light intervention tasks and is capable of carrying a payload of over 30kg. A range of sensors, indicators and cameras can be mounted to the ROV as needed, making the observation-class ROV perfect for undertaking routine maintenance checks of subsea structures and providing additional visual support to work-class operations.

Seaeye Tiger image

Seaeye Tiger

Widely regarded as the world’s leading observation-class ROV in depths of up to 1,000m, the Tiger is unsurpassed in its ability to operate in strong currents with excellent handling and manoeuvrability. The Seaeye Tiger is the perfect option for inspection programmes requiring light intervention or as a support system alongside a work-class ROV.

  • 1,000m depth rating
  • 150kg weight in air
  • 32kg payload
  • Optional manipulator
  • Garage tether management system or free swimming mode
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Seaeye Lynx image

Seaeye Lynx

The Seaye Lynx is widely considered the leading observation and inspection class ROV in the oil and gas industry, with excellent handling and maneuverability even in strong currents and harsh conditions.

  • 250m depth rating
  • 37kg payload capability
  • Garage tether management system or free swimming modes
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