Project case studies

i-Tech 7 continue to be at the forefront of our industry – wherever and however deep that may be. This experience has been summarised into the following indicative case studies which give an indication of the wide range of tasks which we have carried out throughout the globe.

Superbid III image

Superbid III

In 2011, i-Tech won the worlds largest single ROV drill rig support contract. Known as Superbid III, i-Tech provided Petrobras with 30 Work-class ROV's in only two years.
Location:Offshore Brazil
Category:Drill Rig Support
Duration:5 -10 years plus extensions
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Hess Ceiba ROV Field Support image

Hess Ceiba ROV Field Support

To support Hess operations in the Ceiba field, offshore Equatorial Guinea, i-Tech provided twin ROV systems to support development work aimed at increasing production levels. A varied scope of work provided i-Tech the opportunity to showcase it's project management ability through the coordination of two full systems and crew throughout the 18 month contract.
Location:Ceiba Field, Offshore Equatorial Guinea
Vessel:Bourbon Peridot
Category:Field Support
Duration:18 months
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Nor Australis image

Nor Australis

Since 2009, i-Tech have been the ROV operator onboard the Nor Australis Offshore Supply Vessel. Working with Woodside Energy, Australia's largest independent dedicated oil and gas company, i-Tech has been able to deliver virtually no ROV downtime as the vessel has worked continuously for over two years.
Client:Woodside Energy
Location:North West Shelf, Australia
Vessel:Nor Australis
Category:Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
Duration:2 years
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Papa Terra Pre-Salt Brazil image

Papa Terra Pre-Salt Brazil

In 2013, i-Tech was chosen to provide ROV support onboard the first tender assisted drilling rig in Brazil. For the project, i-Tech was proud to introduce the first Centurion SP ROV to the Brazil market.
Location:Pre-Salt Brazil
Vessel:BassDrill Beta
Category:Drill Rig Support
Duration:5 years plus options
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Petrobras Survey Support image

Petrobras Survey Support

In 2014, i-Tech was awarded two contracts from Petrobras to supply ROV services onboard the survey vessels Toisa Valiant and Toisa Vigilant. In addition to the systems, the deck layout required a bespoke-engineered mezzanine deck to be installed to allow the winches, A-Frames and control vans to be positioned in the most efficient layout.
Location:Offshore Brazil
Vessel:Toisa Valiant and Toisa Vigilant
Category:Survey Support
Duration:4 years plus options
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