IRM services have traditionally been vessel based relying ROVs or divers.

The industry challenge to reduce costs has driven incremental savings; increasing inspection intervals, optimizing the supply chain and contracting methods.

Continuing to identify significant incremental savings is not sustainable; a more innovative approach is required that eliminates the need for the support vessel, whilst managing the risk in continued operations.

For almost 20 years, i-Tech 7 has been actively developing its autonomous subsea inspection vehicle capability. Our current Autonomous Inspection Vehicle (AIV) system, is essentially a hovering vehicle. Similar to a traditional ROV, the AIV can stop, perform its inspection task and then travel to and autonomously dock into a recovery basket. This current capability is an essential step in our path towards field-wide IRM services.


  • Reduced cost and HSE exposure
  • Enhanced access to onshore resources
  • More efficient use of skilled personnel
  • Operational flexibility
  • Improved environmental impact
  • Enabler for resident systems