Our technology is becoming ever more important in the cost-effective development of new offshore oil and gas fields, increasing production and extending the life of existing infrastructure.

Our technical experts work with our clients and suppliers to steer the direction of research and help develop industry-leading technologies. We own a substantial Intellectual Property portfolio with one of the largest and most recent groups of patents in both Life of Field and SURF markets.

Technologies currently under development include significant new applications in remote intervention throughout the field life cycle.

Integrated ROV BOP intervention image

Integrated ROV BOP intervention

We have developed BOP intervention using fully integrated hardware on the body of the ROV. This proven pump technology is designed for optimal integrated power delivery and is fully compliant with API-53, 45 second closure requirement. Produced in collaboration with the pump manufacturer 'Dynaset', this innovative technology is able to achieve 50 GPM and 5000psi.

Autonomous survey technology image

Autonomous survey technology

Our new technologies deliver higher quality information, more efficiently. Subsea-hosted ROVs with basket launch and recovery – that reduce the need to surface and negate the need for weather-windows – provide autonomous surveys during extended dives. Controlled locally on-vessel or by remote control from the shore, this hover-capable ROV enables proactive close inspection of subsea assets.

Advanced hydrate identification image

Advanced hydrate identification

We are developing new solutions to enable early hydrate identification through non-intrusive pipeline inspection. Rapid fly-by external inspection using a non-contact sensor for ROV, AUV or AIV deployment will identify wall thickness and any hydrate and wax anomalies. Evolving technologies allow us to deploy well stimulation solutions earlier and more effectively.

Innovative pipeline repair image

Innovative pipeline repair

Our new pipeline repair technologies provide lower component costs with diver and diverless solutions. ROV-deployed epoxy grout attachment provide deep water and scalable delivery that enables fast and flexible repairs.

Hydrate Remediation Skid image

Hydrate Remediation Skid

i-Tech 7 has designed, developed and tested a new hydrate remediation skid (HRS) to track and clear blockages in small volume subsea pipeline systems. The system, which has demonstrated its capabilities in recent deepwater trials, can interface with work class and heavy work class ROVs, operating from multi-service vessels or drilling rigs. It features numerous smart controls, allowing for more flexible remote operations.


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