A combination of world leading capabilities in surveillance, ROV and diving intervention and engineered solutions offers you an unrivalled IMR service designed to help maximise production uptime.

In many cases, our interventions are driven by continual condition monitoring and data analysis that enables our clients to predict the likelihood of failures more accurately and to identify issues at the earliest opportunity. We have the resources to intervene quickly and take any necessary remedial action. 

IMR capability image

IMR capability

Our IMR capability is led by highly experienced project teams. Deploying a wide range of vessels (ROVSVs & DSVs), we provide survey, inspection, intervention, engineered solutions, tooling and ROV tool management services. From planned routine interventions to emergency pipeline repair systems, we provide the products and services to ensure production assurance.

Pipeline repair solutions image

Pipeline repair solutions

Planned or emergency pipeline repair across the core 12”-32” range is delivered using traditional and epoxy solutions. Technology developments enable fast and flexible repairs to be completed in all water depths using a highly cost-effective methodology.